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Overwatch Qualifier Zehn Invitational


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  1. Sponsorship into Zehn Masters Overwatch Invitational $1500 & Qualifier
  2. Pool Prize $600 (Based on Estimation of 10 Teams)


  • Platform: PC
  • LAN 6v6 Tournament
  • Characters released on live servers less than 30 days before a WAN tournament will not be legal.
  • Double Elimination
  • Best of 5
  • Rule Set: Competitive
  • If both teams tie a map, tiebreaker will be played.
  • Map Options
    • Map rotation: After a game
    • Map order: Single Map
    • Return to lobby: After a game
  • Map Selection / Rotation
    • Maps for Each Round will be predetermined by a ECG Official
    • Rotation will follow this format:
      • 1st Map – Hybrid Map;
      • 2nd Map – Control Map;
      • 3rd Map – Assault Map;
      • 4th Map – Escort Map;
      • 5th Map (Tiebreaker Map) – Bo3 on Nepal
    • Maps from the following pool will be used:
      • Assault Maps
        • Hanamura
        • Horizon Lunar Colony
        • Temple of Anubis
        • Volskaya Industries
      • Control Maps
        • Ilios
        • Lijiang Tower
        • Oasis
      • Hybrid Maps
        • Blizzard World
        • Eichenwalde
        • King’s Row
        • Numbani
      • Escort Maps
        • Dorado
        • Junkertown
        • Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Should a Tournament server or network crash prior to the completion of a round, the round will be re-started. Players should inform an admin immediately if a crash occurs.
  • Should a client system crash prior to the completion of a round, the round will be re-started.
  • If players believe an opponent has violated a rule during a match, the match should continue as normal. At the end of the match, the player shall notify one of Organizers Tournament officials immediately of the issue. Any disputes will be handled at the discretion of Organizer

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