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Complete Breakdown


This  event/events have a lot of steps so please see below for complete breakdown.

Registration: https://www.eastcoastgamingcenter.com/product/alienware/

Bracket: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1815018164102774784/stages/1815019118569144320/

Qualifier info:

 This will determine the team that we will sponsor/enter into the Alienware AGA Tournament & Zehn Masters WAN $1500.

Has its own separate prize pool dependent on amount of teams that join. For ex. 8 teams =  $400 the more teams the bigger the prize

Qualifier Sponsorship breakdown:

1st place automatically gets entered as the team that will compete in the Alienware AGA Tournament

1st will also be sponsored for Zehn Masters $1500 (more info http://zehnmasters.com/league-of-legends/)

NOTE: The $3000 Prize, $15000 Prize, and Vegas Trip are part of the AGA Tournament not the Qualifier.

Qualifier Date:

October 6th 2018

Qualifier Entry Fee:

$30 Per Person

$150 Per Team



Sponsorship Prize #1

Alienware Game Arena North America Tournament



$3,000 Cash Prize Pool

Plus Top Team Wins a Trip to Las Vegas to Play in the AGA North America Championship with a $15,000 Cash Prize Pool!


 Enter your best League of Legends team into the AGA North America Tournament powered by Intel.  This online, double-elimination tournament has a $3,000 cash prize pool PLUS your team could win a Trip to Las Vegas to compete in the AGA North America Championship with a prize pool of $15,000!


 The tournament dates are October 26 (evening), 27 & 28, 2018.


Team rosters may consist of 6 players; 5 plus an alternate.  The team members must be able to commit to the three tournament dates as well as travel to Las Vegas November 30-December 2, 2018 should they be the tournament overall winner. 


Teams will be required to play from East Coast Gaming.  IP address for each player will be checked by the tournament admins.

Must Be 18+

The AGA Championship in Las Vegas will feature a total of 4 teams qualifying from 3 different channels:

2 teams from an invitational online tournament

1 team from the LAN Center invitational- Top team from LAN center tournament will advance to Las Vegas!

1 team organized through the AGA Bootcamp stat tracking competition


Sponsorship Prize #2

Zehn Masters$1500 League of Legends Series

WAN Tournament Date

October 27th (date will more than likely be moved a few days ahead or before) @ 1PM EST -$1500 WAN


Zehn WAN events are composed of a  player/team from each competing center in bracketed tournament against teams from other competing centers throughout a single day.

While matches take place between teams via the internet, the teams are all physically located at Zehn Centers around North America. There will be no players or teams playing from home or remote locations. We will be tracking IP address and other data to ensure that all players/teams are only playing from their local certified Zehn Center.


1st Place – 80% of the Prize Pool; 2nd Place – 20% of the Prize Pool

Rules and Settings

Seeding will be performed at random

Higher-ranked seed will have side selection

Double Elimination

Best of 1

Map: Summoner’s Rift

Team Size: 5

Allow Spectators: Lobby Only

New Champions are legal for play after 30 days of being live

Game Type: Tournament Draft

If a player(s) do not have sufficient champions to participating in Tournament Draft bans and picks must be done through chat.

Players may only pause a match immediately following any of the events described below, but must signal an official immediately after the pause and identify the reason.

An Unintentional Disconnection

A hardware or software malfunction (e.g. monitor power or peripheral disability or game glitch)

Physical interference with a player (e.g., broken chair)

The 2017 Spring LCS Rule Set may be used for additional rulings